Fetishes & Specialties

I have two sets of interests: those as a bottom and those as a top. Seek the list that applies to your interests!

My Interests ~ As a Submissive

I am only just entering into the scene, so I may not have a lot of experience in some areas-- but I am always willing to try and learn new things!

My favorite activites are:
Bondage (all kinds)
Corporal Discipline - mild to moderate
Spanking - I love to be spanked!
Tease & Denial
Sensory Deprivation
Sensation Play & Candlewax
Tickling & Teasing
Boot/Body Worship (non-sexual)
Formal Servitude & Slave Training
Objectification and Exhibitionism
Clothing Fetishes
Slut Training
Forced Bi (with another girl)

Suspension & Strict Bondage *
Electrical Play (Violet Wand, TENS) *

(Interests with an asterisk are limited to experienced Dominants only.)

My Interests ~ As a Top

I am fast developing many skills as a top!

As a licensed cosmotolegist, I am very good at making someone beautiful. I am combining these talents with feminization and making it my specialty!

Cross Dressing & Feminization - hair, makeup, dressing, shopping, etc.
Strap-on Play
Anal Play and Enemas
Golden Showers
Tease & Denial
Chastity and Ruined Orgasms
Slut Traning
Cock and Ball Torture (mild)
Nipple Torture
Foot/Heel/Ass Worship
Spanking and Caning
Corporal Discipline
Role-Playing Scenarios
Splosh (Food Play)
Forced-Bi Scenarios
Spitting and Face-Slapping
Financial Domination
Clothing Fetishes
Smothering & Face-sitting (fully clothed)

Email me if there is something missing from this list you'd like to inquire about.

Limits & Disinterests

My limits include:

Branding or Permanent Marks
Red/Brown/Roman Showers
Hardcore corporal discipline (giving and receiving)