Wishes & Gifts

I enjoy receiving gifts both in adoration and in gratitude for the time we've spent together. If you'd like to send me something, my address and wish list is below.

Shipping Address:   Measurements

Miss Audrie
6956 E Broad Street
Columbus, OH 43213

This address can receive mail and packages via post only.
This address is a private mailbox service, and cannot accept in-person deliveries.


Height: 5'4
Shoes: 7 (US)
Waist: 23
Hip: 32
Bra: 32B
Panties: Small
Corsets: 18"

* A note about sizing. Not all stores are sized the same, so check my sizes above ^ to make sure I don't need to exchange it. If an item is tailored or has no stretch (such as leather pants), I typically need a custom fit. Contact me for my current actual measurements for such an item.


  • My Amazon Wishlist - My own personal wishlist, with items from Amazon.com and other vendors as well.


Gift Ideas

Gift Certificates from my favorite vendors:

Easton! (Includes all my favorite places to eat and shop.)