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Three Day Closure due to Rental for Professional Filming

Post from Damiano Severo

Due to a rental for professional filming, the studio will be closed Wednesday, June 13th, Thursday, June 14th, and Friday, June 15th, from 8am until 8pm ET.  Therefore, the only rental or session availability that we may have is at 9:00pm on those three days.  I wrote may because this is a continuation of a previous, professional filming commitment from January, 2017, and filming went over at least an hour every day previously.  Based on that historical experience, attempting to schedule sessions or rentals not knowing the end time for filming is folly.

I realize that this is extremely inconvenient for our staffers and members especially members that only occasionally travel to the area and have extremely limited availability.  Fortunately, this will conclude our commitment for the rental for professional filming and total closures for such reasons will never be repeated.

To reward the affected staffers, I am taking Kelle Martina, Noel Knight, Kady Winters, Alyson Nyx, Madison Volt, and Tori Landon on a Hocking Hills retreat.  Due to a lack of cell phone reception in Hocking Hills, I’ll be rerouting the calls to the landline at the lodge as answering each and every call is important to all of us.

During the days at the retreat, I’ll be responding to contact@wickededen.com emails and session/rental requests through Sunday, June 17th.  For emails and session/rental requests for Monday, June 18th, or later, I’ll likely not be responding to them until Saturday, June 16th.  As always, for immediately assistance please call the studio at 888.873.8465.

Once again, my heartfelt apologies for this inconvenience caused by the three day closure.


Three Day Closure Due To The Flu

Post from Damiano Severo

Although the Wicked Eden staff might sometimes seem like we have super powers, we aren’t immune from the flu.  Since right now all of us have flu symptoms, we are closing down the studio for sessions for Wednesday, February 14th, Thursday, February 15th, and Friday, February 16th.  Any and all staffers that are 100% symptom free will be available for sessions starting Saturday, February 17th.

Miss Shauna Ryanne Visits April 2nd through April 5th

Post from Wicked Eden

One of our absolute favorite people in the world, Miss Shauna Ryanne (http://www.shaunaryanne.net/), is visiting Columbus and available for session at Wicked Eden from Sunday, April 2nd, through Wednesday, April 5th.

Here’s a good, concise overview on Miss Shauna:

Lady Shauna Ryanne is the quintessential fiery haired, blue eyed, sadistic girl-next-door. With six years of professional experience, she takes pride in her ability to tailor each session to the unique fetish interests of the player.

Lady Shauna is a well-educated, vivacious, naturally Dominant woman who thrives on taking you to the edge and back again. Her vivid imagination, wicked wit and wide array of BDSM skills are sure to keep you on your toes.

Her BDSM style can vary from that of a Sensual Goddess – teasing you mercilessly with her body and charm, to the Cruel Seductress – leading you down a rabbit hole of torment and desire. She enjoys play with both the experienced submissive and curious beginner looking to explore their kinky side.

Her BDSM interests include (but are not limited to):

Foot/Leg/Shoe Worship, Wrestling, Bondage, CBT, Tease and Denial, Humiliation, Latex, Objectification, Role Play, Tickling, Bi Encouragement, Restriction Play, Sensory Deprivation, Feminization, Chastity, Electro Play, Corporal Discipline, and many more!

Miss Shauna’s tributes are $300 for the first hour, $200 for the second hour, and $10 less for each additional, consecutive hour.  Although Miss Shauna will accept 1 and 1.5 hour session requests, priority will be given to those scheduling a session of 2 or more hours in length.

If you are interested in scheduling a session with Miss Shauna, you are welcome to utilize any of the following scheduling methods:

Tips for a Successful First Session

Post from Kelle Martina

Perhaps you are thinking about booking your first BDSM session? Or maybe just your first session at Wicked Eden? Why are we different than other dungeons?

– Appointment Only –

We don’t have staff members sitting around waiting for you. While this doesn’t allow drop in appointments, what it does allow for is a staff member who is there just for you, prepared for just you and your unique interests, and has the studio prepared for your interests.

-Full use of our 2400 sq. ft-
Since we don’t have multiple sessions going on at once, you’ll never run into another Wicked Eden member, and you get full usage of our entire dungeon if you so wish. That’s 6 themed rooms, and all of our equipment.

-Interview & Discussion-

Communication is one of the most important aspects of playing with BDSM. Prior to your first session at Wicked Eden, we will sit down together, discuss your interests, desires, , and limits-as well as those of the staff member you’re playing with. Our extensive Interest and Activities Questionnaire allows the staff member better insight into your interests before you even walk in the door, allowing us to be better prepared and excited about your visit.

So how can you be prepared for a successful first session?

Deep Breaths.
If you’re particularly nervous about the session, reach out to the staff member you’re seeing either via email or ask Wicked Eden to have the staff member call you personally to chat beforehand. This can really put your mind at ease. You can also elect to do social time before the session (lunch, dinner, or a cup of coffee) to chat casually and let you get more comfortable with the person you’re about to play with.

First Impressions.
Make sure you’re freshly showered, dressed in business casual (or nicer), and have certain areas shaved if you prefer it that way. (Sissies might want to shave either legs to enhance a crossdressing experience, or slaves who would like to do intricate cock-and-ball bondage might want to shave their genital area!) If you’d really like to get on the good side of the staff member you’re visiting, bring a small token of your appreciation (check their wishlist for ideas!).

Know Thyself.

Your session will go much more smoothly and satisfying if you have a more rounded idea of your interests and desires. Remember, everyone we see is drastically different in terms of their interests, and there is no “Typical Session”! We are very perceptive, but we really need something to start us off in the right direction.

What? That’s it?
Yep! That’s really all the basics you need. See. Not so complicated? So. What are you waiting for?

Studio Wish List Published (Due to Many Requests)

Post from Damiano Severo

Over the years, we’ve had lots of requests to share a Wicked Eden wish list for those that want to contribute to making the studio more incredible than ever. We are incredibly self-sufficient so we have thus far resisted; however, we have had enough members and fans politely request a Wicked Eden wish list and we desperately need to replace our Roombas (one was somehow stolen and the other was donated for a good cause) plus add two Roombas for our filming condominium. So, we present our wish list which will only contain things that we really, really need and aren’t in our immediate budget.

We like our floors clean, really clean – just like the rest of the studio. We clean the parts of Wicked Eden that are used after each and every session or rental, but it’s a big studio and we would like to easily vacuum the parts of the studio floor daily that aren’t used. So, we need 2 replacement Roombas and the new 980 works fabulously for our needs.

Our sister division, Fetish Media, has moved from a filming apartment to a filming condominium, which will get heavily used by our staff. We need to easily keep the flooring clean daily on the first and second floor so that adds 2 more Roombas to our needs.

The Roomba 980 is expensive and we don’t like anyone going beyond their means. So, we have the Roomba 980 (in a quantity of 4) as well as its replacement parts, extended warranty, and Amazon gift cards on our wish list.

Our wish list can be found at: Wicked Eden’s Wish List

iRobot Roomba 980

Domina Snow in Paris – March 8 – May 25

Post from Domina Snow


(From my most recent shoot with Radiant Inc in Las Vegas.)


Last year when I ventured to Paris, I admit that I completely fell in love with the city and ached to explore more of Europe. For this reason, I’ve decided to make an extended trip back to France from March 8 to May 25.


Due to the legalities of doing sessions in Paris, I will not be available for in-person sessions. I will be considering trips to other European cities and I will be doing phone and webcam sessions during this time. I’ll obviously still be doing my videos, working on my brand new website, and will finally be opening up for custom videos once more. I might even get caught up on my overflowing email (but don’t hold your breath).

Be aware that I won’t be traveling with an entire kit of fetish clothing, shoes, boots, and toys, so take this into account when you make your requests. To schedule remote sessions or request a session in Europe during my stay, you may email me at alex@alexandrasnow.com.

I look forward to seeing all of my obedient Ohio boys upon my return in May.

Until then,


Video: What To Expect From a BDSM Session

Post from Kelle Martina

Kelle’s Big Announcement

Post from Kelle Martina

I promised this announcement weeks ago on my Twitter, and forgive me for the lateness. I wasn’t sure I wanted to share my personal achievements, but you all have been rooting for me so here goes —

I’m officially a graduate!

In May I finally graduated with a BS in Fashion Design. It’s been a long road, and as long as I have been a fetish model, cam-girl, and pro-switch I have been in school. Crazy, right? I have to be honest, juggling both was pretty difficult, especially when I was carrying a heavy load of classes. But I can tell you I am so proud of myself for finishing. Now that I’m finished I can finally take a deep breath, and it feels like a great weight has been lifted.

I love learning new things, both kink and non-kink oriented so I am never going to stop learning and growing. So–what’s next? Don’t worry, I’m not slowing down anytime soon. In fact, it makes me want to double down and go harder! Obviously, paying off my unsecured personal loans goes a lot quicker when I have my fans to support me. I love what I do-truly. Nothing else gives me the creative freedom, flexibility, and opportunity to explore my own desires than doing what I do. If you have been an in-person session, a custom video customer, a clips collector, an online playtime buddy, or just a fan–you have supported me through school and what I love. I want you thank you personally.

If you’d like to celebrate my achievement with me, I’ve created a special graduation wishlist for the event. It’s stuff to help me film, stuff to expand my mind, and some stuff for ‘me time’.


If a gift isn’t in your budget, feel free to congratulate me and give me a shout-out on Twitter! 🙂

If you want to support my work while supporting yourself *wink*, vote with your wallet for your favorites on my clips stores!




Keep Playing,


Domina Snow visits the UK!

Post from Domina Snow

Humbled Before Your Mistress. Image by Laura Dark.


Official Dates

English Mansion – June 9th – 15th 

Central London – June 16th – 23rd

After nearly a decade of travel, sessions, and videos.. I am finally visiting the beautiful United Kingdom. It’s been rather long in the making and I’ve received an overwhelming positive response. I am being hosted by the fantastic English Mansion and will be filming lots of phenomenal content while I’m there. I will then be traveling down to London proper and accepting a limited number of sessions during my stay.

I’m extremely excited about my trip and anxious to see how hard the boys and girls of the UK will work to impress me. It’s been such a long time in the coming, so I know it will be worth my while.

I will be using one of two rental dungeons during my stay in London, based on the session requirements and availability. Both dungeons will be within easy access of central London. There is a 2 hour minimum for all sessions as I do not feel I can truly enjoy “meet and beat” style sessions. After all, it’s all about MY satisfaction. As many of you may know, I only take so many sessions per day so I am always fresh and dynamic. I truly love what I do and I don’t like for slaves to see me at less than my best.

My tributes are $375/hour for 2 hours or longer (that’s about ₤240 for those who don’t want to look up the conversion), and there is no session maximum. I will also be offerring a Dinner and Domination special for 3 hours of session plus 2 hours social time for $1500 (or  ₤951). This is a limited offering, of course.

50% deposit is required to confirm and my schedule is filling up quickly.


You may schedule with me via phone or email, or directly with Wicked Eden.

As always, please be aware that my email response time is ridiculously slow. Emails to Wicked Eden are always best.

Phone – +1(614) 699- 6013 (9am – 10PM EST)  or  +1 (888) 873 – 8465
Email: Alex@AlexandraSnow.com  or  Contact@WickedEden.com


I will also be attending Madame Caramel’s FemDom Ball on June 20th, so those who are unable to session may still be able to make my acquaintance.

See you soon, UK! Don’t worry, I’ll make sure I leave time for a little sightseeing.



8 Reasons to See a Dominatrix

Post from Domina Snow

A new free informational video is up! Watch my reasons for visiting a professional Dominatrix and see what you think.