A sonnet

Recently a submissive wrote me a sonnet – which I found vastly amusing. As it is (belated) Valentines and all, I thought I share it here.




Leeds me by the leash, down the hall, I behave.
Physically stronger, still chained I am.
Her beauty the chain that enslaves
My heart in my throat, her thoughts, my head.
Giving her my soul, a pact with dread?
No matter, do as fallen angel has said!
Pain! My new reward, pain very untoward.
She gives to me a suffering pleasure.
Pushing me to take more ever forward.
Her skill without measure her eyes, treasure.
Low she takes me, my face a painful scowl.
Dragons tail set upon me, I won’t fail.
Her fallen angel skills taken over thou.
Fallen Angel is control of me now!

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