Alive and Kicking

Hello boys,

I know, I know – I haven’t written in forever. It’s been a crazy couple of months for your favorite blonde. I’m sure you’re going wild, imagining what I’ve been up to: Did she take her harem and move to the Netherlands? Did she develop her “mad scientist” voodoo potion that turns men into mindless zombies and go into hiding? Did she fulfill her lifelong dream of world domination?

Slow your roll, boys. I’m going to tell you all about it!

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve recently retuned to University and after 4 years our of school, getting back into the swing of things has taken some getting used to. No doubt the moment, I mentioned going back college, your perverted little brains have conjured up the image of me seducing professors and taking advantage of innocent co-eds. Maybe I have, maybe I haven’t. This sexy domme doesn’t kiss and tell 😉

Of course, I’ve kept up on teasing and tormenting boys – that just comes naturally – both in and out of the dungeons of Wicked Eden. Miss Kelle and I even had a weekend adventure out in the woods with one of our favorite slave boys. Below are a couple photos:


Tha makings of a good night…anal plugs, nipple clamps and wine.


Kelle, curled up and cozy in the cabin.


Me, chilling out by the fire with evil thoughts on the brain.

And, last but not least, I’ve been working hard on my new media project – specifically, my clips stores that are now live on both Kinkbomb and Clips4sale. Below is a little sneak peek at one of my updates:


Until next time…


Miss Noel

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