Cabin Fever

So I’ve been a little under the weather as of late- a little summer cold. Nothing too serious but just inconvenient enough to be annoying. As a result I’ve been sequestered in my apartment for two and half days, leaving only for the bare essentials ( OJ and ice cream).

Needless to say, by this afternoon I was dying for some form of entertainment. Well, someone must have sympathized with my plight because amusement came in the form of a session…

I tied him up, teased him until he was near tears- then made him beg for me to hurt him…which ,of course, I did, gladly.

He left positively glowing and I left somewhat satiated.

Nothing like a little BDSM pick me up to beat cabin fever.

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One Response to “Cabin Fever”

  1. slavejason Says:

    Miss Noel – i was honored to be able to be Your plaything. i look forward to our next session and another chance to amuse you.