Chastity and Cuckolding

Many of you are aware of my growing fetish for chastity and cuckolding. Due to the recent launch of my personal website (, I’ve had a influx of e-mails from lots of submissive boys, and even a submissive girl, asking me about my interest in this topic and I thought I would take a moment to expound on the subject.

Lets start with the nitty gritty,

It really get me hot. I love the idea of all you slave boys/girls all locked up and at my disposal. That I can get pleasure anytime I want, do anything I damn well please but you are totally under my control. I get to tease, torture and torment to my hearts content – and there’s nothing you can do about it!

Of course, I also find chastity to be a useful tool. I find it utterly fascinating how a defiant and demanding boy can quickly become the most complaint and docile of slaves after I have their little clit stick securely locked away and the keys around my pretty neck. Imagine how fast you’d jump to complete any little task I gave you if you’re only shot at being able to orgasm depended upon my good will?

On a more serious note, I should add that I consider chastity to be a very intimate, very personal, form of domination – not something to be taken lightly. There are lots of details that should be taken into account and it requires a good deal of time, effort and trust, from both parties.


Miss Noel

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  1. Puppy Mike Says:

    Mistress i am in need of severe chastity and cuckolding training including for bi and role play