Along with my sincere fascination with chastity – and all the trappings that go along with it, I have a slight (okay, astronomically huge) fetish for cuckolding.

While these things are not necessarily synonymous, for me they are tied closely together. They all go under the tease and denial category (big emphasis on the denial half of that equation) Picture this:

There you are, tucked away, out of sight, in my closet (maybe under my bed if you’re really lucky). I’d have you all trussed up, gagged and locked up in your little plastic cock cage – and there you’d stay, waiting, twitching, your pathetic little heart fluttering with anticipation.

Until I came home. With a hot girl, no less.

Now, don’t get overly excited. You wouldn’t get to “service” us. You’re not a maid, you’re not a fluffer, and you’re definitely not a sex toy (I have real ones for that and I promise they can please me much more effectively than you ever could).

You are a cuckold. That means you get to sit there, utterly ignored, forced to listen to me and my boyfriends/girlfriends get as much pleasure as we like, for as long as we like, while that chastity belt gets tighter and tighter…

Sounds like a blast, doesn’t it?


What you wouldn’t be seeing while you were stewing in the closet 🙂


Miss Noel

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