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Happy New Year everyone!

Custom videos are one of the things I create, which are detailed and created specifically for a specific scenario or fetish.Sometimes they are personalized by using your name, wearing certain items, enacting out certain fetishes. Because of this highly individualized content, they are also rather expensive. It takes me several hours to do a custom video from start to finish (between emails, prep, wardrobe, shooting, editing, etc), so my custom videos typically begin at $15/minute and are a minimum of 10 minutes.


Since these can be beyond the budget of many, I’ve decided to do a little online contest to win one of several prizes: one of three custom videos or one of several pairs of worn shoes or boots.


I’m eager to clean out my closet and replace many of my worn shoes and boots this year, so this a perfect way to do that! I’ve been eyeing several pairs of boots and shoes at Fabulously Fetish and while I can certainly just go buy them myself, it’s always a little nicer when a submissive feels he can contribute instead. So I’m going to reward everyone who contributes with first-release pictures of me in the new boots and shoes regardless. You may enter in one of two ways:

  • For every $10 purchased in gift certificates to Fabulously Fetish, you receive one entry into the contest with no limit on the number of entries. Gift certificates should be sent to (Fabulously Fetish holds no liability or responsibility for this contest.

Additionally, to keep this legal: 

  • The second way to enter is to send your name, email, and address along with 10 facts about me gathered from across my website(s) to: Alexandra Snow, 6956 E Broad St #169, Columbus OH 43213. No purchase necessary.

Good luck! Winners will be announced on Feburary 15th, 2015.

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