Happy 4th

This past holiday weekend Audrie and I threw ourselves a house warming party in honor of our independence and, of course, our official arrival here in Columbus. We made traditional 4th of July fare for a casual evening with friends.

Naturally, all the beautiful women of Wicked Eden were invited and we had ourselves quite the extravaganza. I won’t disclose all the filthy details but it did involve drunken board games, cupcakes, spankings and an all girl strap-on orgy.

After all, a lady doesn’t kiss and tell. Although, I’m still a bit fuzzy on the exact protocol in the case of a brutal fucking….

Picture 54

Audrie and I, pre debauchery

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One Response to “Happy 4th”

  1. slave bobbi Says:

    What a pair. Take that in every sense of the phrase. I hope to meet you very soon.