Hello From Miss Noel

No doubt, you’ve all been eagerly anticipating my arrival here in Columbus and what do you know- dreams do come true; here I am!

I’ve been super busy these first couple of weeks what with training, moving and exploring a brand new city. All of the Wicked Eden staff have been absolutely fabulous helping both myself and Miss Audrie ( my adorable roommate and new trainee here) get settled in.

I have managed to get a few sessions in and I am having a blast learning all of the tricks and techniques to tease and torment all you naughty boys and girls! So…who wants to be my next guinea pig?


Miss Noel

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2 Responses to “Hello From Miss Noel”

  1. Mistress Yve Says:

    It’s about fucking time you got rolling! Let’s go make trouble…

  2. slave bobbi Says:

    I would love to be your guinea pig. You have an incredible countenance. Your smile speaks volumes to me. It shows you have a vulnerable side AND a dark side. The word that comes to mind is HOT! Miss Snow is the best I have ever met. I am sure she will teach you well. You will break so many hearts, including mine.