"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas…"

….Actually, it’s not. Being originally from Michigan I’m used to hailing the holiday season in with about 5 feet of snow. The recent cold, but rainy, weather has seriously thrown me for a loop.

Never the less, I’ve been cheering myself up by preparing for Christmas. Miss Audrie and I have decked out the apartment and I only just finished wrapping all the gifts I purchased. I absolutely adore Christmas shopping and I had a blast trying to find the perfect gift for everyone this year.

I’ve been getting all kinds of e-mails inquiring about what I’d like for Christmas this year (and no, I haven’t been a good girl, but I know that’s what all of you like best about me) and to answer the question I say; surprise me. I just love surprises…

For those of you who aren’t as creative you can check out my amazon wish list and gift cards (Express, Victoria Secret, Sephora) are always appreciated.


Miss Noel

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