My 5 favorite things about Summer

I was out and about running errands this afternoon (wait, shouldn’t I have slaves to do this?) with my windows down and my radio up when I realized just how sunny and beautiful it’s been lately. Yes, boys and girls, Summer it seems has finally arrived and this little sadiomasochist couldn’t be more happy. Summer is my favorite time of year. Let me count the ways…

1.) Warmer weather means smaller bits of clothing and all those little patches of fabric make boys sweat. I don’t even have to try to tease you little worms to distraction…

2) Open toed shoes. My god, there are so many to choose from! Summer is a foot fetishists dream; don’t think I don’t notice all you little perverts peering down while I’m out shopping with my girlfriends. I’ve been on the lookout for the perfect new warm weather pumps and have been absolutely drooling over these , these and these.

3) Pretty bare feet require some pretty little decorations, don’t you think? I’ve been searching around for some beautiful little trinkets to decorate mine. I’m partial to this and even something like this. What do you think?

4) Laying out at the beach. Growing up in Michigan, I’ve always had access to the water and nothing says Summer to me like lounging in the sand with a cool drink in my hand. While I don’t get out to the coast very often now that I’m in Ohio, my awesome apartment has a fan-fucking-tastic pool and yours truly plans to be spending a lot of time there in the next couple months. Maybe you’ll catch me in a generous mood and I’ll post a few photos of me in my new bikini.

5) The return of real night life. Summer heat means everyone (all the cool kids, that is) will be crawling out of their Winter/Spring hibernation to don hot little outfits outfits and let loose – and, lets face it, no one likes a party more than I do 🙂

Enjoy the heat – I know I will be!


Miss Noel

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