No Rest for the Wicked

Holy sessions, batman! I have been quite the busy little bee these past few days. So busy in fact that I’ve missed an entire weeks worth of post ( someone should be punished…). Since I know how much you all have missed me, I thought you might enjoy a little recap of some of my exploits.

Over the past week I have…

…Toyed with a painslut whose balls I gave a thorough workout (I made it my personal mission to find out just how many clothspins I could clip onto his sore little sac).

…Played the naughty co-worker and enjoyed a very lovely spanking

…Poured myself into a beautiful latex nurse uniform and teased a patient to near tears

…Taken a lovely sissy slut for an outing with the girls

…Discovered I have a very keen interest in cuckholding, keyholding and chastity (insert evil laugh here).


…Taught not one, not two but three silly boys the proper way to deep throat

I love my life!


Miss Noel

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