Role playing vs Playing a role

I would think it’s safe to say that over half of the session I do fall into the realm of role play. For those of you who aren’t on the up and up role playing is and I quote ” the changing of ones behavior to assume a role, either consciously to fill an adopted role or unconsciously to fulfill a social role”.

Sound complicated? It’s not. In my world, this means I get to play the part of baby sitter/naughty girl/Goddess/teacher/nurse and a plethora of other characters in order to act out a fantasy. Its an extremely common request, due mostly, in my opinion, to the escapism it provides for the players involved. For a little bit of time, you can indulge in pretense and be who and whatever your imagination decides.

For myself, personally, role-playing can either be a blast, or a complete bore. If someone were to bring me a highly scripted scenario I would be disinclined to indulge in a role play with them. You see, I don’t do things that aren’t me.

Does that mean, I won’t throw on a suit and be your evil secretary? Of course not. It just means that I’ll do Noel; mean-nasty-bitch secretary. I don’t let the role I’m playing shape me. I shape the character I’m playing to suit me, my personality, my signature.

Make sense? Good. I’m glad we had this talk.



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