Tips for a Successful First Session

Perhaps you are thinking about booking your first BDSM session? Or maybe just your first session at Wicked Eden? Why are we different than other dungeons?

– Appointment Only –

We don’t have staff members sitting around waiting for you. While this doesn’t allow drop in appointments, what it does allow for is a staff member who is there just for you, prepared for just you and your unique interests, and has the studio prepared for your interests.

-Full use of our 2400 sq. ft-
Since we don’t have multiple sessions going on at once, you’ll never run into another Wicked Eden member, and you get full usage of our entire dungeon if you so wish. That’s 6 themed rooms, and all of our equipment.

-Interview & Discussion-

Communication is one of the most important aspects of playing with BDSM. Prior to your first session at Wicked Eden, we will sit down together, discuss your interests, desires, , and limits-as well as those of the staff member you’re playing with. Our extensive Interest and Activities Questionnaire allows the staff member better insight into your interests before you even walk in the door, allowing us to be better prepared and excited about your visit.

So how can you be prepared for a successful first session?

Deep Breaths.
If you’re particularly nervous about the session, reach out to the staff member you’re seeing either via email or ask Wicked Eden to have the staff member call you personally to chat beforehand. This can really put your mind at ease. You can also elect to do social time before the session (lunch, dinner, or a cup of coffee) to chat casually and let you get more comfortable with the person you’re about to play with.

First Impressions.
Make sure you’re freshly showered, dressed in business casual (or nicer), and have certain areas shaved if you prefer it that way. (Sissies might want to shave either legs to enhance a crossdressing experience, or slaves who would like to do intricate cock-and-ball bondage might want to shave their genital area!) If you’d really like to get on the good side of the staff member you’re visiting, bring a small token of your appreciation (check their wishlist for ideas!).

Know Thyself.

Your session will go much more smoothly and satisfying if you have a more rounded idea of your interests and desires. Remember, everyone we see is drastically different in terms of their interests, and there is no “Typical Session”! We are very perceptive, but we really need something to start us off in the right direction.

What? That’s it?
Yep! That’s really all the basics you need. See. Not so complicated? So. What are you waiting for?

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    All this information is great. If you fellow it, your first session will go fantastic. Preparing for your first session is important. If you are nervous, don’t be. The staff are polite, nonjudgmental, kind, and understanding.