Week in Review

For those of you who were unaware, the entire WE crew picked up house and were off to LA for this years DomCon. We only just returned home very early yesterday morning and yours truly is rather jet lagged.

The trip was undoubtedly a hit and I enjoyed myself immensely. I met some fantastic new people and got the chance to catch up with several old friends. I attended several workshops and am about bursting with new ideas for sessions. I even taught a class of my own, concerning the art of pain processing. With all the busy happenings I barely had time to document much of the excitement, but I did snap a few pics (with my phone, so do excuse the low quality) and decided to share:


Miss Kelle, having drinks with me in the executive lounge


Miss Snow, turning heads in the hotel cafe


Miss Audrie, who volunteered for Princess Kali’s humiliation workshop, with her nose in the corner


Miss Audrie’s sissification class


And yours truly with all kinds of evil thoughts on the brain


Miss Noel

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