Week in Review

So I’ve been super busy this week being the hot bitchy cam girl. I’m always amazed by the requests I get for cam shows. Perhaps one day I’ll make a list of all the sick and twisted things people ask me to do for them. Sometimes, I’ll indulge them – if I’m in a giving mood and other times I’ll just just laugh and pick their brains until I’ve reduced them to a quivering gooey pile of boy-mush. Either way it’s always a satisfying experience.

I’ve also had some wonderful sessions at the dungeon inducing one where yours truly was tickled for over an hour and a half. Any one who really knows me understands just how much I despise being tickled. For some reason, I tend to have a very violent reaction and the tickler usually ends up walking away with more bruises than I do. I am happy to report that in this particular instance, everyone got out alive. I make no promises for next time, however…

The highlight of my week, of course, was watching Miss Snow and Miss Audrie perform here in Columbus at Outlands for fetish night. They did a fantastic job.

I won’t be telling you what happened in the back room, after the show, but I will say that more than one girl woke up a bit sore the next morning…

Here’s a bit of eye candy of yours truly out at dinner with the Wicked Eden crew before the show:

IMG 20101009 204941

MD and Miss Snow

IMG 20101009 203313

Me, telling Miss Audrie how it is





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