Week In Review

Well, boys and girls, it’s been quite a busy week. In the past seven days I have:

– Had a plethora of sessions where I got to break in a newbie (don’t worry, I was gentle…kind of), give a very naughty boy not one, not two but three punishment enemas (Which I think he enjoyed more than he should have), and zapped one toy with a stun gun! While he was out the lovely ladies from WE dressed him up in drag, and made him into our little slave girl.

– Been working on my new project. No, I won’t tell you what it is, but I will say it’s going to involve lots of Lezdom, humiliation and hot girls (my three favorite things). Stay tuned!

– Had a fabulous night out with Miss Audrie. Naturally we tease boys wherever we go and this night was certainly not different.

– Filmed with the entire staff of WE all day yesterday. There was lots of latex, strap-on play and all the things your little hearts desire. Yours truly was even strung up in a suspension and worked over by none other than Miss Snow and Miss Kelle. Damn, am I sore today…


Me in latex, from out shoot



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