What’s In A Name?

I want to take a brief moment to discuss an extremely important topic; my name.

It’s Noel Knight.

For some reason that is far beyond my comprehension, people seem to find it extraordinarily difficult to pronounce (and, at times, even remember it) correctly.

So, allow me to instruct you:

My name is Noel. As in, no L (or Noelle). You know, like merry Christmas. It is not pronounced Knoll. I am not an open expanse of landscape. No one had assassinated a president on me. It is not Noelee….like, Noel with a Y on the end, rhyming with Kelly (I don’t know how you idiots came up with that one).

My name is also not Nicole, Nathalie or Nessie (all of which are names I am called on a regular basis). How one makes the jump from Noel to Nessie defies all logic. Seriously, people – it’s a single syllable. How hard is that?

And, for the last fucking time, I am not Resse Witherspoon. I know, I know, I’m practically a carbon copy of Ms. Legally Blonde but let’s get one thing strait. I don’t look like her – she looks like me. The next person who stops, stares at me for a second or two and then says, “hey, do you know who you look like?” gets hurt….and I don’t mean in the fun way.



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