Studio Wish List Published (Due to Many Requests)

Over the years, we’ve had lots of requests to share a Wicked Eden wish list for those that want to contribute to making the studio more incredible than ever. We are incredibly self-sufficient so we have thus far resisted; however, we have had enough members and fans politely request a Wicked Eden wish list and we desperately need to replace our Roombas (one was somehow stolen and the other was donated for a good cause) plus add two Roombas for our filming condominium. So, we present our wish list which will only contain things that we really, really need and aren’t in our immediate budget.

We like our floors clean, really clean – just like the rest of the studio. We clean the parts of Wicked Eden that are used after each and every session or rental, but it’s a big studio and we would like to easily vacuum the parts of the studio floor daily that aren’t used. So, we need 2 replacement Roombas and the new 980 works fabulously for our needs.

Our sister division, Fetish Media, has moved from a filming apartment to a filming condominium, which will get heavily used by our staff. We need to easily keep the flooring clean daily on the first and second floor so that adds 2 more Roombas to our needs.

The Roomba 980 is expensive and we don’t like anyone going beyond their means. So, we have the Roomba 980 (in a quantity of 4) as well as its replacement parts, extended warranty, and Amazon gift cards on our wish list.

Our wish list can be found at: Wicked Eden’s Wish List

iRobot Roomba 980

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