Noel Knight and the Case of the Missing Panties

Over the past few months I’ve noticed that my under garments have been vanishing into thin air at random – namely, my panties/thongs/boy shorts/what have you. At first, I though it might be Miss Audrie, but then I remembered that she doesn’t even wear panties so naturally, that crossed her off the list.

Then, just a few days ago, I walked in and caught the panty thief red-handed.


Apparently, even my cat is a perv…


Miss Noel

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One Response to “Noel Knight and the Case of the Missing Panties”

  1. slut Says:

    Dear Miss Noel,

    i believe Master Hercules being Lord and Master of Your domicile has the right to do with Your panties as He pleases. No? Besides, i think He has been selling them on Ebay for catnip and other kitty treats. i offer You may apologies in not keeping Him stocked up in treats that He has to resort to taking and selling them on You. Also, No Ma’am, i will not try to make a deal with him for Your honorable delicates.

    Of course You may have to discuss with Him about the other possibility. Does He want You to be more like Miss Audrie? Just throwing out there as a thought, please show some mercy on this messenger and stop when i pass out.