Tis the season…

…and I’ve been as busy as ever making everyone’s fantasies come alive. Yours truly has been a busy bee this month filming for my various projects (no, I won’t be giving you any details, you’ll just have to be patient), making Christmas magic (which means I’ve been shopping like mad – I love spoiling my friends and family over the Holidays), and enjoying some absolutely kick ass sessions (On that note, happy birthday David – I hope your bottom is still a lovely shade of purple from your spanking and that every time you sit down, you think of me).

Speaking of Christmas, I’ve had several e-mails from boys asking me what they could send me as a token of appreciation for the Holidays so I decided to make it easy on all of you and include an answer my post:

http://www.agentprovocateur.com/ : AP is my absolute favorite lingerie designer. My measurements are listed under my profile.

http://www.cacodemons.com : A girl can never have enough toys and the products on this site are amazingly beautiful.

And, of course, you can always visit my Amazon Wishlist for more ideas.

Since we are in the season of giving, I decided to share with you all a photo of me taken before one of my recent sessions;


I know, I do bitchy school girl really well…


Miss Noel

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  1. patrick Says:

    you look amazing