Week in Review

This weeks adventures will be told via photo set. I know, more random pictures of me and my amazingly awesome life just breaks your little hearts…

Picture 1185

Audrie and I, shooting clips for an up an coming project. No you won’t be getting any details, so don’t ask.


Me, telling all of you slave boys how to do it the right way.


Miss Snow, trying to contain the kittens that take up our every waking moment when we’re not working…


But it’s so worth it because…look at that!


Me, and my well deserved drink (taken via camera phone so forgive the questionable quality…wait, what am I saying? You’re lucky I even post these awesome candids)



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One Response to “Week in Review”

  1. gretta Says:

    WOW, three of the beautiful Ladies of Wicked Eden vs cute little kittens. Thank You for the awesome share. However since those kitties are growing so fast for this time they get my thumbs up this time but only by a little bit.

    Yes i know this comment requires me to assume the position but they are cute.