Cleaning & Sanitation

Wicked Eden takes great pride in being a clean and safe place to play. To accomplish this, we maintain rigid cleaning and sanitation standards of the facility and its equipment.

We comply with CDC guidelines with the use of hospital-grade chemical germicides that are EPA-registered as sterilants. Any item that comes into contact with intact mucous membranes is subjected to intermediate-level disinfection via a three-step process. We do not appove of the use of condoms for general risk control, as condoms can and do break and contamination often occurs between gloves and materials. Therefore, our insertable devices must be silicone, metal, or glass, which are the only materials shown to be fully sanitizable and can withstand the chemicals used. Items which can rust (such as nipple clamps) are cleaned and must undergo a special chemical bath as well.

Items that come into contact with skin and bodily fluids, but not mucous membranes (such as leather cuffs, CBT devices, etc) are cleaned immediately after each use with a CDC-approved broad-spectrum chemical that is safe for natural materials like leather. Because things like rubber and leather are porous, they must undergo both a physical cleaning, chemical sanitation, and then must air-dry for an appropriate amount of time. The same applies to all furniture and surfaces that may come into contact with viruses, micororganisms, or bacteria.

Each room and the toys used are cleaned and sanitized following each appointment, so there is never a risk of contaminating clean items. This additional step is the reason while sessions are not scheduled directly adjacent to one another, as we do not permit clients inside the facility until it has been cleaned. This includes carpets, floors, walls, etc.

Our cleaning and sanitation guidelines virutally eliminate a broad spectrum of bacteria and viruses, including tuberculosis, E.coli, HIV (AIDS Virus), Hepatitis B and C, and pneumonia. This allows our clients and visitors to rest easy, knowing they can relax and enjoy themselves while inside our doors.