Our Equipment

The dungeon is equipped with a wide variety of equipment and accoutrements to facilitate playtime and fetish fulfillment.

We are constantly adding new equipment and gear, so this list may not reflect recent additions. Here is a small sample of our gear:

Bondage: leather and metal restraints; police-issue cuffs and manacles; hand mitts; leather, lycra, and rubber hoods and masks; armbinders; gags (inflatable, ring, ball, bit); arm, shoulder, waist, and thigh restraints; wood and metal spreader bars; MFP and hemp bondage rope; saran-wrap and latex stripping; 550 and parachute cording. Also a wide array of gags, including ball, bit, ring, and funnel gags.

Genitorture: All manner of assorted devices for restriction and stretching; latex & leather sheathes; rubber inflatable pumps; chrome-plated brass stretchers, weights, and presses; humblers; flex and pressure wrap; leather and rubber genital whips; clips and clamps of all kinds; suction devices; stone/metal weights; humbling devices; urethral sounds; and more.

Corporal: Floggers in materials ranging from deerskin to cowhide to latigo to rubber; crops; rattan, hardwood, and fiberglass canes; straps and belts; tawses; single tail and quirt whips. Paddles in all shapes and sizes in domestic and exotic woods, leather, and plastic, ranging from small to frighteningly large.

Specialty: PES and ErosTek units with various attachment and instertable pieces for males and females, including the electric humbler; Huse Violet wand with 6 glass attachments and the lightning hands attachment; Black Magick tripod-mounted fucking machine with variable speeds and stroke length. The exam room also holds a huge assortment of medical supplies.

Role-playing: Pony, dog, and pig gear including full head hoods; uniforms and assorted costumes for the submissive such as maid with bondage tray, butler, and schoolgirl.

Insertables: More than 40 toys, currently. Wicked Eden uses silicone, glass, and metal dildoes and plugs because they are the only materials that can be completely sanitized. Insertables range in size from very small to very large. Also a large range of glass and metal toys; prostrate stimulators; strap-on dildos (including ejaculating); etc.

Sensation Play: Various types of fur and feathers, including mitts and ticklers; vampire gloves; wartenberg wheels; low-temp hot wax candles; "hot" oils and lotions (tiger balm, wintergreen, etc); Hitachi wand; and various implements for skin sensation play.