Sessions with Me

I love seeing men, women & couples for Dominant, Switch, or submissive sessions. Want to add another Wicked Eden staff member during our session? I love doing double sessions with other staff members, and play very well with others! I accept sessions from 1 hour to a full week, and I am fully capable of maintaining my "role" for as long as the Dominant wishes. I enjoy playing with men, women, and transgendered individuals, as well as couples.

I also enjoy being a Top for all or part of a session, such as where you start out topping me and I turn the tables on you. However, I am not well-suited to all kinds of sessions or activities, so please make sure you read my fetishes to make sure it is something I can do.

I am also available for social time in addition to sessions. This can include dinner, shopping, attending parties, or accompanying you to a BDSM event. Like sessions, social time never includes any sexual activity whatsoever.



My tributes for Dominant, Switch, and submissions sessions are as follows:

Length Tribute Total
1 hour $250
2 hours $450
3 hours $640
4 hours $820
5 hours $990
6 hours $1,150
7 hours $1,300
8 hours $1,440


For Switch/submissive sessions there is a potential marking fee and this is strictly enforced. What does this mean? If you'd like to do corporal (spanking/flogging/ caning/etc.) scene or any activity that impacts the skin, there may be an additional tribute as follows:

  • Light bruising and/or marking that fades in less than 24 hours - $0
  • Moderate bruising and/or marking that fades in 2 to 3 days - $100
  • Heavy bruising and/or marking that fades in 4 to 7 days - $300
  • Bruising and/or marking that fades in more than one week – Hard limit

I recommend all first-time sessions with me be a minimum of 2 hours.

Session Packages and Add-Ons

Social Time - $100/hour. Social time is any time outside of a session, such as discussions, going out for dinner or shopping, fetish events, etc.

Abandonment - $100/hour. For those that long to be bound, caged, or closeted then abandoned, there is a special, lesser tribute for the period of abandonment. This is always in addition to a session.

Dinner & Play: $840. 2 hours of social time, 3 hours of session time, 1 hour of travel/prep

Keyholding / Chastity Training: $25/week in addition to a monthly session. $50/week if done without sessions or in-person contact.

Switch Introduction (2 hours + 30 mins discussion afterwards): $500 - New to BDSM and not sure if you are a Top or a bottom? Let's try out new things together in both roles in a fun, relaxed way. We will chat about it afterward and figure out where to go next time!

Personal Items

You may purchase any of my personally worn items for worship. This includes panties, socks, stockings, shoes, or any other clothing item. All scented intimates (e.g. panties, socks, pantyhose) are mailed in a vacuum sealed zip top bag right after wear for maximum freshness. All packages are shipped discreetly via USPS or FedEx. To order, contact me via email at

Panties - $80 for 2 days of continuous wear. Thongs, bikinis, full-backs, and boyshorts available in a variety of materials and colors.

Stockings/Pantyhose - $80 for generic brands, $100 for specialty (15 Denier, RHT, Wolford, etc.) for 5 days of wear.

Socks - $80 for 5 days of continuous wear in boots or sneakers.

Shoes - $50 (flip flops or flats) or $100 (heels or tennis shoes) or $150 (boots) for very well-worn footwear.