Membership & Initial Interview

Wicked Eden is not your typical "meet and beat" house of domination. Please continue reading to understand our membership and consultation process.

Initial Consultation

Upon arriving at Wicked Eden, you will be greeted by your preferred staff member, who will guide you through the consultation process. We value compatibility above all else, and so want to make sure that you and your playpartner are right for one another.

The initial interview is required prior to the first appointment with your preferred staff member. It allows he or she to assess your interests and fantasies and discuss your fetishes in a relaxed environment outside of a session. He or she will go over your member form, answer questions, etc. The interview does not have a time limit, allowing you to take as long as necessary to become acquainted.

The interview is generally conducted immediately before your session, but can be conducted on the phone as well.


Wicked Eden is a private, members-only club. BDSM is legal in Ohio, and we strictly adhere to all local laws and ordinances. By operating as a private club, your privacy and confidentiality are assured, and you never need to worry about your visits.

Membership to Wicked Eden is $50.

This fee not only covers your initial consultation, it includes free or discounted admission to parties and events, access to our new retail store, and the option of getting "early announcements" for guests, events, and promotions before they are released to the public or general mailing list.

We require this fee to be paid before attending your first appointment.

Paying Your Membership Fee

Online Payment Options:

Please email for links to our discreet, vanilla payment processors. We do not take credit card information directly for your security and peace of mind.

Offline payment options:


Purchase a Green Dot® MoneyPak™ Universal Reload
Pick up a MoneyPak at one of thousands of Green Dot locations near you, such as CVS or Kroger's. This method is discreet and convenient, by utilizing cash for the purchase. You then call or email us with the number found on the card (or in rare cases, the receipt). Click here to find a location near you.

** Note: you will need to get the MoneyPak Reload card and NOT the actual Visa or Mastercard to use this option. These cards are often located in the gift card or prepaid phone card section, and will clearly specify what type they are.

Sorry, but we prefer not to accept money orders or checks via mail.