The Rooms

As of 2018, the current configuration of the studio is seven beautiful, incredibly well-equipped, themed rooms contiguously covering nearly 2,200 sq. ft. Six of the rooms may be viewed below and the seventh room will be added soon. Clicking each thumbnail will expand it into a larger image.

As always and despite the massive size of the studio, we dedicate 100% of the space to each individual rental or session.

Snapdragon Room

Named for one of the Headmistress' pin up art, this room features leather furniture and rich colors. It is for reserved for interviews and office role-plays, foot worship, tease and denial, rope bondage, and much more.


Starry Night Room

This well-appointed room houses Miss Snow's favorite bench-- a solid oak horse that was custom made to Her specifications. It also houses the St. George's chair, the amazing fucking machine, and an open archway for spread-eagle bondage. All 6 black and glass cabinets are filled with toys and gear, as well as racks and shelves throughout the room.


The Exam Room

As commented by more than one physician-- this room is better equipped than most real exam rooms! Authentic exam table with stirrups, working scale, IV-poles, exam lights, metal tables, charts, vintage glass jars, and all manner of medical devices.

Devices and equipment includes: needles, sutures, saline inflation, examination instruments, anal and vaginal speculums (metal and plastic disposable), pinwheels, forceps, urethral sounds, various lighted scopes, blood pressure cuffs, large and small rectal thermometers, and more.


Elizabethan Room

Called such for the regal purple and gold theme, this room is the home of the large framed bondage table/rack, also custom made for Miss Snow. Huge and sturdy, it has many areas of bondage tie points and speed-tie rope cleats for immobilization. A special feature also awaits-- built in stocks. Mirrors abound here for sensory delight, including a floor mirror for foot and boot worship.


The Belle's Boudoir

Quite possibly one of the largest and most equipped feminization rooms in the US. Lighted vanity hosts hundreds of dollars worth of makeup, perfumes, jewelry, and accessories. Above are dozens of wigs in all colors and styles, with hair accessories and styling products. This cute bedroom set has a double bed with matching nightstands for soft bondage, strap-on play, and all sorts of role-play scenarios.. from infantilism to being caught trying on neighbor's panties. This room has three 92" tall mirror-fronted wardrobes, each housing more clothing and shoes than the last. For the sissy and baby wardrobe-- dozens of outfits ranging from ruffly to slutty, high heels, and accessories. More than 250 pairs of panties, bras, stockings, naughty lingerie, corsets, and costumes to thrill even the pickiest slut!


The Chamber

Cold concrete floors, wrought-iron fixtures, and sconces full of candles cast an eerie glow on this room. A heavy metal cage, spanking bench, and double-kneeler provide places to be restrained down, and overhead suspension allows for being strung up. A favorite of heavy masochists, as this room is big enough for a comfortable singletail whipping. Newly added, a giant 8-foot-tall solid oak St. Andrew's cross, designed and built specifically for Wicked Eden, completes the look. ** New! A fantastic whipping post complete with CBT attachments and mechanical winch was completed and just moved in.