Wishes & Gifts

I won't lie-- I simply love to get gifts. I believe it is a required part of submission to me, as a symbol of your on-going devotion. I am continually kept in a state of material comfort by my slaves, from clothing and shoes, to furniture and technology, to gift cards that I can spend at my whim.

Showing your respect does not mean you need to max out your credit cards, however (although I am happy to indulge in that fetish *wink*). There are always inexpensive items on my Amazon list and gift cards to my favorite stores work wonders too. Keep reading to get ideas-- I like to see boys put EFFORT into pleasing me!

Shipping Address:   Measurements

Ms. Snow
6956 E Broad Street
Columbus, OH 43213

This address can receive mail and packages via post only.
This address is a private mailbox service, and cannot accept in-person deliveries.


Height: 5'5.5
Weight: 125 lbs
Tops: Small
Dress: 4/6 (small)
Pants: 3/4 (small)
Skirts: 4 (small)
Shoes: 8 (US)
Bra: 34DD
Panties: Small
Corsets: 20" fabric, 22" leather

* A note about sizing. Not all stores are sized the same, so check my sizes above ^ to make sure I don't need to exchange it. If an item is tailored or has no stretch (such as leather pants), I typically need a custom fit. Contact me for my current actual measurements for such an item.


  • My Amazon Wishlist - With Amazon's universal wishlist system, I have consolidated the majority of my wishlist items to one convenient place:

  • Northbound Leather Wishlist - Fetish clothing and toys. I am such a fashion snob that I dislike wearing the same thing over and over, so get me new stuff! :D I update this list regularly.



Giftcard Options

Victoria's Secret - Since they closed their wishlist function, just use gift cards. If you would like to shop for a gift from me directly, see my sizes above.

Frederick's of Hollywood - Ditto. Make sure all bras are 34F and panties/lingerie are small!

Bebe and Bebe Sport - Love, love, love.

StockinGirl- I always need new stockings, leggings, and pantyhose. I am a size medium in this company's nylons.

Sephora - Where I buy all of my makeup and skin care products.

Bath and Body Works - All my yummy smell-good stuff. Gift cards also works as White Barn Candles, where I buy all my candles for home and studio. Candles in all scents (especially seasonal ones), and I go through the wallflowers like water so I always need more. Stay away from scents that smell like holiday food!

Coach - I go a little nuts over Coach... and a girl always needs a new purse!

Other things: I use exclusively OPI nail polish and I love getting their new collections. I'm also a cool jewelry hound.. anything from James Avery or Brighton is sure to make me smile.