Sessions Types and Themes

Wicked Eden conducts sessions by the hour with half-hour increments available. But don't limit yourself to traditional offerings, choose something that is right for you.

Session Types

1-on-1 Session with a Mistress/Master
With the appropriate Dominant of your choice, you can experience submission in situations they match your application. Sensual, sadistic, playful, or cold-- these sessions are tailored to suit your needs and desires. Because not all Dominants or Switches may be right for you, we strive to obtain maximum compatibility.

Double Mistress/Master Session
Want to be "double teamed"? A session with two Dominants can be very intense, allowing for a different dynamic than just one Dominant alone.

Session with a Mistress/Master with a sub partner
Perhaps you want to endure a punishment or predicament with a pretty girl, or want to watch her be dominated while you are helplessly bound. Sessions with a sub partner are always fun and exciting when there is someone else to share your "plight."

Beginner's Session
Are you a nervous newbie? You can relax (but not too much *wink*), as one of our experienced staff members takes you on a thorough but moderately-paced introduction to BDSM. Each session is tailored to your interests, but will give the neophyte player exposure to new things in a less intimidating fashion that a conventional session. (We recommend at least 90 minutes for a beginner's session!)

Extended and Overnight
Need to experience long-term bondage? How about abandonment or long-term training? Dream about sleeping at the foot of the Mistress' bed? Undergo extended and overnight sessions for the ultimate submissive experience.

Couples Session
For couples, there are a variety of experiences. Have one of our knowledgeable Dominants teach one partner how to top the other, watch one partner be dominated, or even be dominated together! An erotic bonding experience.

Themed Sessions

Looking for a particular type of session, or want to experience something different? Request a session with a theme.

Intense Corporal Punishment
Take your licks! This type of session involves corporal punishment-- suffering the whip, flogger, paddle, or cane. To endure and please the Dominant by taking more and more is the goal, but will you be able to withstand his/her sadism?

Foot Fetishist's Dream
"Oh, what beautiful feet you have!" you'll be praising as you are fully inundated with a foot fetishist's favorite pastime. From various boots, heels, stockings, socks, etc-- to licking, kissing, and worshipping those objects of desire, you'll be in heaven. Special treats could include: ritual foot baths, massages, pedicures, and maybe even taking home a glorious pair of worn footwear!

Tease & Denial
Bound and teased, mercilessly, until your body aches for release.. but the release will be long in coming, if it ever comes at all. Tease and denial can be mild to severe, and could include such things as foot/leg worship or sensation play (ice, hot wax, etc).

Medical Exams and "Procedures
With our fully-equipped medical room, you can live the fantasy of being thoroughly examined by a doctor or nurse, and even submit to "procedures" ranging from invasive to painful. Examples: medical play, prostate stimulation, enemas, urethral sounds, and anal/vaginal exams.

Full Feminization
Whether sensual or humiliating, you can feel the full treatment of being fully feminized. With our spacious and fully stocked "bedroom," you can have the whole experience of being made into a girly girl. Piles of clothing (ranging from slutty to frilly), heels and hosiery, high-quality makeup, lotions and perfumes, and a selection of wigs and hairpieces create a virtual playground.

Humiliation Central
From mildly degrading to full-out ego crushing, humiliation can be erotic and powerful. Verbal humiliation, face-slapping, spitting, objectification, and much more.

Structured Slave Training
The head Master or Mistress can guide you through structured slave training, teaching you the fine art of erotic servitude. This type of training requires a commitment of frequent training lessons and is not a casual experience.

Role-Playing Scenarios
Live out the fantasies that have played inside your head over and over again. Schoolroom fantasies, Mother/Father and son/daughter, babysitter tease and punishment, boss and employee, the list goes on and on. Themed rooms offer ideal settings to experience these situations.

Kidnapping and Abduction
A Wicked Eden specialty-- be abducted from a public place, and transported to the dungeon for torture and interrogation.